EE 491 - Senior Design
SYS 491 - Senior Design

ME 492 - Senior Mechanical Engineering Design Project
Fall 2015

September 15, 2015

Fall 2015 Design Project Descriptions:

Storage Battery Enclosure Prototype

Na4B, a company in the OU-INC business incubator is developing a storage battery that relies on low-cost sodium as an electrolyte. Once the final details of the battery cells are complete, they will need an enclosure to assemble up to 100 cells, in various configurations, an out the assembly through several hundred charge-discharge cycles to prove its commercial viability. The task for one or more senior design groups is to parametrically design and build this enclosure and have it ready for testing when the cells are completed.

Preliminary list of requirements and specifications:

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Engineering Center Solar Photovoltaic (PV) test area

The recently constructed OU Engineering Center building has a roof area intended for solar energy research and testing. Contractors will install a multi-panel layout of different PV panel types and mountings. The contractor will install the DC and AC wiring, as well as the infrastructure for some data monitoring. The OU Clean Energy Research Center, housed in the OU-INC business incubator, is charged with setting up the data logging and monitoring systems. This is a project for one or more senior design groups.

Preliminary list of requirements and specifications:

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Jim Leidel, September 10, 2015

PV System Tasks:

Hot water system:
this is dependent upon the delivery of materials. we may have to delete this, or do the piping ourselves.


Data Collection and Study:

Air Cooled micro-CHP unit

The OU Clean Energy Research Center, housed in the OU-INC business incubator, is interested in developing a micro-CHP, or combined heat and power unit for residential applications. The unique nature is that this will be the first stage of developing a low cost air cooled unit suitable for the residential U.S. market. This is a project for one or more senior design groups.

A small displacement, single cylinder engine will be provided, converted to run on natural gas (or propane for portable use for this project). A multi-pole, permanent magnet direct current generator will be attached. An exhaust gas heat recovery unit will be fabricated and attached.

A DC power take off system will be designed and connected to the generator output. This will allow us to run and test the CHP unit under load for acoustic and thermal performance.

A task list might be as follows:

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Industrial parts sorting device

Sorting small parts is a common and costly task that manufacturing facilities are faced with. In this project, we will build small devices to sort small parts

The six (6) specific parts we will sort in this project are:

Competition: On December 8, 2015 (the study day) a competition will be held for all of the parts-sorting design groups, beginning at 10 am, in 178 EC. Each team will attempt to sort a bucket of parts, consisting of 20-30 pieces of each of the six different parts, in the shortest time. Incorrect sorts will incur a 5 second penalty. The score for each run will be the time, including penalties, multiplied by the cost of the device.

Military fastener testing

We anticipate an opportunity to test a new type of fastener for military applications. This test will take no more than 2 weeks and involve no more than 3 students. When the fasteners become available, the selected students will arrange to test them at the FAJRI facilities in Dodge Hall, write a report of their findings and present the results to the fastener company and military contractors. Due to the nature of this project, this opportunity is only available to US citizens.