Research Areas:

  • Parallel Computer Architecture
  • Real Time Multiprocessor Systems for Image Processing
  • Embedded Systems Security
  • DSP Processor Based Systems and Applications
  • Automotive Embedded Systems and Condition-based Maintenance
  • Sensor Network, Mobile Protocol and Applications
  • Divisible Load Theory and applications


  • Real time software and hardware embedded control systems
  • Automotive Vibration and Noise measurements and control
  • Microcontroller for engine and audio control
  • Digital Signal Processing for Automobile Applications
  • Image processing for Intelligent Vehicle and Image Compression.
  • Development of Fuel Rack Position Controller using PID loop and DSP TMS320C14
  • Software and algorithms development for Data Encryption
  • DSP based electric power steering and engine control
  • Software and Hardware Controller with 68HC11 for Automotive application
  • Active Noise Cancellation in real time.
  • CBM-Predictive Algorithm development.
  • Fuzzy Idle Speed Controller for small cars

Video:Sensor Network & App

Recent Publications:

    2014 and 2021 to be updated


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