Current PhD Students

  • Hare Patnaik
  • Sharanamma
  • Farag Mohamed E Lagnf
  • DingWang Wang
  • Luis Lopez
  • Amjad Alnsour
  • Tim Lim
  • Mohammed Shams Rupok
  • Sandeep Kumar Keshwapanthula
  • Venkata Tejeswini Potlapalli
  • Suresh Kumar Udatani
  • Uday Kumar Pulipati
  • Ravi Anand
  • Ayman Ismail
  • Sai Krishna Karthikeya Challa

MS Thesis by Graduate Students

PhD Supervised as main advisor

  • Swathi Vadde 2018 - Divisibile Load with checkpointing for fault tolerance
  • Tri Doan Winter 2017- Real time Security
  • Hesham Odat 2016 Firmware update over the air
  • Sami Oweis 2015 Flocking systems of fleet robotics
  • Aqeel F Aqeel 2014 Retina Image Analysis, Tortuosity and exudates measurements
  • George Pappas
  • Rohollah Mazarae Khoshki 2016-License plate recognition
  • Ashok Prjapati, 2011 Title: Fault prediction techniques and communication protocols for condtion based maintenance.
  • Joe Lomanaco 2009 Title: A Model-based Approach to Embedded System Design Using Heuristic Methods: Powertrain Applications.
  • Phares Noel 2009 Title:Performance Analysis of divisible load scheduling utilizing multi-installment load distribution with back propagation of results.
  • Surya Kala Majeti 2007 Title: A new micro electro-mechanical capacitive strain sensor.
  • Vijayarangam Subramaniam 2006 Title:Investigation of MPLS QoS and Traffic Engineering for next generation wireless networks.
  • Alex Goerge 2006 Title: Analysis of highly available fault tolerant cluster architecture.
  • Forrest Wright 2003 Title: Binagraphy- Computer Human Interface.
  • Satwant Kaur 2001 Title: Enhanced Internet Protocol.
  • Varsha Kamat 1997 Title: Finding multiple line segments from two dimensional data and multiple-planer polygons from three dimensional data using the hough trasform.
  • Kamparty N rao 1995: Title: Application specific integrated circuit(ASCII) synthesis using genetic algorithm
  • Tirumale Ramesh 1993 Title: Reconfigurable flexibly-coupled multiprocessor for parallel computing.
  • Saed yasin Title: Fuzzy control of automotive system