Embedded System Design for Zynq SoC

Tutorials Vivado projects for the ZYBO Board

Unit 1: Introduction to Vivado

Vivado Project (VHDL files, testbench, and XDC file):

  • BCD Up/Down Counter with rate control: (Project)

Unit 2: Introduction to Hardware/Software Design

Vivado/SDK Project (XDC, XML, and .c files):

Unit 3: AXI4-Lite: Custom Peripheral

Vivado/SDK Projects (.vhd, .c., and .txt files):

  • Pixel Processor project: (.zip)
  • Pipelined Divider project: (.zip)
  • Pipelined 2D Convolution Kernel project: (.zip)

Unit 4: AXI4-Full: Custom Peripheral

Vivado/SDK Projects (.vhd, .c, and .txt files):

  • Pixel Processor (Full AXI) project: (.zip)
  • Pipelined Divider (Full AXI) project: (.zip)
  • 2-D DCT (Full AXI) project: (.zip)

Unit 5: SD Card

SDK Project files (.c, .h) and MATLAB script:

Unit 6: Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration - Only PL using JTAG

PR Projects (VHDL files, .xdc file, TCL files):

  • 4-bit LED Pattern controller (1 RP) for ZYBO Board: (.zip)
  • 4-bit LED Pattern controller (2 RPs) for ZYBO Board: (.zip)

Unit 7: Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration - PS+PL system using PCAP

PR Projects (VHDL files, .xdc files, TCL files, .c files):

  • Pixel Processor (1 RP, vary function): (.zip)
  • DCT 2D (1 RP, vary Transform size): (.zip) (verified in Vivado 2017.3 as well)

Unit 8: Using DMA

SDK Project files (.c):

Unit 9: Using PL Interrupts

Vivado/SDK Projects (.vhd, .c, and .txt files)::

  • Pixel Processor with Interrupt output(AXI4-Full) project: (.zip)





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Reconfigurable Computing Research Laboratory (RECRLab), Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Oakland University