CSE 480 - Senior Design Project
EE 491 - Senior Design
SYS 491 - Senior Design

ME 492 - Senior Mechanical Engineering Design Project
Fall 2007

October 14, 2007

Fall 2007 Design Project Description:

Design a device, subject to the following constraints, that will climb a vertical rope (exact type of rope to be determined) up to 7 meters high, move over a pulley to a (roughly) horizontal portion of the same rope, traverse the horizontal portion of the rope until the device is over a dart board placed face-up on the ground, then release one or more darts (up to 3) to strike the dart board for maximum score. The device must climb and traverse the rope, locate the target and release the darts autonomously.

Design Constraints:

Discussion for the final written reports:

For your final written reports, in addition to your technical discussions, you are to discuss applications of the technology that you are exploring and developing in this project. For your final report, discuss various applications of the technology, with specific emphasis on:


On Thursday December 6, 2007 a competition will be held for all of the design groups. The design groups may be asked to demonstrate their devices outside (rain or shine, snow or ice) beginning at 10 am. Standings will be determined by the time to climb the vertical portion of the rope, move to and traverse the horizontal portion, locate the target on the ground and release one or more darts, striking the target. Teams may attempt up to 3 runs; the shortest time will be used to determine the competition standings. Standings will be based on the average score obtained by the darts released, divided by the total elapsed time before the darts are released.

NOTE: Only questions that have universal application are answered here. Answers to questions that may result in competitive advantages are kept confidential within each design group.