Senior Design Stairs

The stairs are built from deck components purchased from Home Depot. The deck stair treads that were available were grooved, so the treads on these stairs are made of 2x12s. They are sized to the 2'x2' (labeled) piece of plywood which was actually 23-2/4" x23-3/4", so that's the width of the steps, squared, rounded over the edges, and with a transition piece to go from the top step to the platform, see the attached photos.

The thickness of the tread is cut from the from the bottom of the 4 stringers, but no other alterations have been made to the stringers. The stringers are NOT the same, but they are close. Because of the variation in the stringers, the stairs are not perfectly level nor is there exactly the same distance between treads.


Platform: 23-3/4" square. Flat, sanded even with top step, 27-1/4" from the floor.

Steps: 23-3/4" wide, 11" deep, 1" overhang except for the top step which overhangs only 3/4". Front edge has 3/8" radius top and bottom. Distance between tops of treads is anywhere between 6-3/4" up to 6-7/8" (mostly 6-3/4")

Any questions, please ask.