CSE 480 - Senior Design Project
EE 491 - Senior Design
SYS 491 - Senior Design

ME 492 - Senior Mechanical Engineering Design Project
Fall 2013

September 5, 2013

Fall 2013 Design Project Description:

Design, build, test and compete with a device that can run a slalom course through 6-8 small orange plastic cones (Epic 12" Soccer Cone), turn around the last cone and slalom back through the cones to the starting line as fast as possible. The cones will be placed approximately in a line perpendicular to the start/finish line (cones can be placed up to 0.5-m away from the average line) and will not be evenly spaced. The first cone will be 3-5 meters from the start/finish line and there will be 2-4 meters between the cones. Devices will start behind the starting/finish line. Devices that touch a cone or miss going between a pair of cones will be assessed a 1 minute penalty, devices that do not go around the last cone or go more than two meters away from the line of cones will be disqualified for that run. The device must be self-contained; no external power supplies can be used during the competition. The devices must operate autonomously and must be able to accommodate the variable number of cones without re-configuration. At least one of the competition runs must be attempted carrying an additional 10-lb weight; 30 seconds will be deducted from the total run time for such attempts. Devices that cannot function with the additional weight are disqualified from competeting.

The 10-lb weight is a steel disk 8-3/8" in diameter, 3/4" thick with a 1-1/16" central hole.

Competition: On Monday December 9, 2013 (the first day of final exams) a competition will be held for all of the design groups, beginning at 10 am, on the sidewalk in the SEB/DHE/HHS courtyard, regardless of weather conditions. Each team will attempt the course up to three times, the attempt with the lowest time, including penalties, will be used to determine the competition standings. The score for each run will be the time, including any penalties, multiplied by the cost of the device configured to runs the course.

Discussion for the final written reports:

For your final written reports, in addition to your technical discussions, you are to discuss applications of the technology that you are exploring and developing in this project. For your final report, discuss various applications of the technology, with specific emphasis on: