ECE 491 - Senior Design
ISE 491 - Senior Design

ME 492 - Senior Mechanical Engineering Design Project
Fall 2009

September 10, 2009

Fall 2009 Design Project Description:

For the Fall 2009 Senior Design experience, we will hold a robot competition loosely based on the Trinity College Fire-Fighting Robot Contest. Instead of extinguishing a flame, your robots will find and pick up a small ball (racquetball-size) and bring it back to the home position

We will follow most of the rules set forth by Trinity College for the fire-fighting robots. You will become familiar with the overall structure of the contest and all of the rules that apply to the Senior Division.

The arena will be supplied. Please note that the dimensions of the Arena are only approximate while the robot size limits are not.

You will also notice in the rules that teams have the option to make their trials more difficult by selecting options that reduce their overall score. In our competition, each design group will have three attempts to find, pick up and deliver the ball to the home position using a combination of both mandatory and team-selected options.

Mandatory options:

Team-selected options

We will follow the detailed scoring procedures of the Trinity College Fire-Fighting Robot Contest


On Friday April 17, 2009 a competition will be held for all of the design groups from 10:00 am - noon.

Discussion for the final written reports:

For your final written reports, in addition to your technical discussions, you are to discuss applications of the technologies that you are exploring and developing in this project. For your final report, discuss various applications of the technologies, with specific emphasis on: