Mission of the SECS Senior Design Laboratory

The SECS Senior Design Laboratory provides a highly meaningful educational experience to undergraduate students through the design of multidisciplinary systems, components, and/or processes to meet defined specifications while accounting for realistic constraints and social considerations. Modern engineering techniques and tools are employed to research, formulate, model, simulate, optimize, fabricate, test and assess components and systems. Documentation and communication skills are highly stressed, and are continually practiced and refined in a professional and ethical environment.

The selection of proposed projects for the SECS senior design courses will always be based on an appropriate fit to the entire SDL mission, including scheduling within the fall or winter semesters. Proposed projects that do not fit the complete SDL mission (for example, projects that lack significant multidisciplinary components) or the fall/winter semester schedule may be accommodated around the scheduled design courses. The supervising faculty of the SDL, in consultation with SECS administrative staff, are solely responsible for the selection and scheduling of SDL projects.