The SECS Senior Design Laboratory

The SECS Senior Design Laboratory (SDL), located in Oakland University's Engineering Center, is a unique and highly flexible facility that provides SECS undergraduate students the space and resources to design, model, simulate, optimize, fabricate, test and deliver multidisciplinary engineering projects.

The modular layout of the 3,000 sq-ft, 2-story SDL allows several projects to be carried out at once, and its close proximity to the SECS Machine Shop with modern manufacturing capabilities such as EDM machining, laser and water-jet cutting, 3D printing, and extensive CNC machining, provides the SDL an ideal location to support the design and fabrication needs of a diverse set of project sponsors.

Complete multidisciplinary projects - those that involve the design, analysis, simulation and prototyping of a system that features computer control of an electromechanical device - are the speciality of the SDL. Other types of engineering design projects are always welcome. Teams of senior computer, electrical and/or mechanical engineering students will be assigned to address the specific needs and requirements of each project.

From the determination of requirements and specifications to concept synthesis, modeling, analysis, simulation, prototyping and physical testing, the SDL delivers high-quality engineering products. Project deliverables commonly include CAD models and files, detailed simulations and analyses, and physical prototypes. Projects can also be assigned to more than one design group, increasing the number of innovative and creative ideas that can be applied to satisfy the design requirements.

Projects are supervised directly by highly experienced engineering faculty, who are available to supervise projects and/or consult in various technical areas.

Projects are normally scheduled and assigned to multidisciplinary teams in the fall (September through mid-December) and winter (January through mid-April) and summer (May through mid-August) semester's SECS senior design courses. Other schedules may be accommodated, depending on the requirements and complexity of the project and the availability of students and support personnel.

The SDL welcomes sponsored project proposals from local industry as well as projects that support the work of OU research laboratories and instructors. The mission of the SDL provides the framework for the selection and scheduling of projects in the SDL.