2015-2018  NSF REU Program                                                               

REU Site: Undergraduate Computer Research (UnCoRe) in Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace

PI      with Professors Tao Shu (co-PI), Lunjing Lu, Wenjin Zhou, and Mohamed Zohdy

2011-2015  NSF REU Program                                  

                             REU Site: Undergraduate Computer Research (UnCoRe)

PI      with Professors Jia Li (co-PI), Fatma Mili, Nelish Patel, Guangzhi Qu, Tao Shu, and Mohamed Zohdy

2008-2011 NSF CCLI Program                                 

CCLI - Phase 1: Information Assurance and Security Education with A Multidisciplinary Collaborative Approach in A Realistic Environment

PI      with Professors Xiaodong Deng and Patrick Corbett (Cooley Law School)

2007-2011  NSF Cyber Trust Program                      

CT-ER: TrusT-US: Trustworthy Transportation Ubiquitous Systems

PI      with Professors Fatma Mili, Debatosh Debnath, and Daniel Aloi

2007-2008  Research Seed Grant    Michigan Space Grant Consortium                                                        

PI      Information Assurance and Security for Aerospace Wireless Communications

2006-2009  NSF REU Program     

REU Site: Undergraduate Computer Research (UnCoRe) for Women at Oakland University

Senior Personnel (2006), co-PI (2007-2009), with Professors Fatma Mili (PI), Imad H. Elhajj (co-PI), Jia Li, and Mohamed A. Zohdy

2006-2007  Research Excellence Fund               School of Engineering and Computer Science at OU

Security for Inter-Vehicle Communication

PI      with Professors Fatma Mili, Imad H. Elhajj, and Debatosh Debnath

2005           NSF SFS Program

Building a Portable Educational Network

PI      Part of the “Project PISCES: Partnership in Securing Cyberspace through Education and Service Scholarship Track” (Project Leader: Professor Lance Hoffman at George Washington University) 

2003-2005  NSF SFS Program

CyberSecurity Capacity Building at North Dakota

PI      with Professors Kendall Nygard and Michael Garrison