Limitless Pill - Does the Limitless Pill Exist?

For those who don't already know, Limitless is the title of the hit blockbuster movie starring Bradley Cooper, about a man who becomes super-humanly intelligent after taking a "smart pill" called NZT-48. (If you haven't seen the movie, or want to add it to your movie collection, it can be found super cheap on Amazon.)

Limitless movie on Blu-ray

Ever since the release of this movie, people have been jumping at the chance to get their hands on the limitless pill, NZT-48 — and for good reason, Bradley Cooper's character becomes unstoppable while on this limitless pill, capable of processing unbelievable amounts of information and analyzing every detail to perfection. In short, who wouldn't want to have these cognitive abilities?

People want their own limitless pills. This begs the ultimate question: Does the limitless pill exist?

The Answer is in the Question

The answer to the above question — Does the limitless pill exist? — is yes and no.

Confusing? Of course, very much so. But it really is the best answer. Here's why:

Sadly, the limitless pill as it was presented in the movie is pure fiction (as of this writing; it may be, after all, possible in the future). There is no limitless pill called NZT-48.

I'm sure this fact will make many people sad. However, don't fret too much over it.


Because while the specific smart pill NZT-48 doesn't exist, other smart drugs — limitless pill-like substances — are beginning to sweep the supplement industry. These smart drugs were created to enhance cognition, and they're called nootropics.

Nootropics - The Real Limitless Pills

Nootropics are relatively new players on the world's stage. Many people have never even heard of the term, which was created in 1972 by a chemist and psychologist named Corneliu Giurgea.

Pramiracetam smart pill

These new types of supplements are made to be cognitive enhancers — meaning they were synthesized to improve cognition in healthy people, specifically by improving any of the following:

The above list is not exhaustive, as nootropics have many potential uses — some have even been linked to helping with anxiety and depression — but this list should give you a general idea about the incredible applications of smart drugs.

Which Nootropics Are Like Limitless Pills?

Now, real life nootropics are obviously nowhere near as potent as the fictional limitless pills. However, there are some very real benefits to nootropics, which often have rather subtle effects — effects that are additive over time to produce significant differences and improvements.

Does the limitless pill exist

There are many kinds of nootropic supplements that may effect a person similiarly to a limitless pill (though admittedly to a much milder degree), such as:

Proprietarily Blended Nootropics

This type of nootropic supplement is produced by a supplement company and is composed of a "blend" of substances known for their nootropic properties. An example of a nootropic "smart pill" with a proprietary blend is OptiMind. (Learn more about this nootropic supplement in this OptiMind review.) If you're interested in trying OptiMind, a good place to get it is Amazon.

While looking at nootropics with proprietary blends you should be mindful that some can be a waste of money because the "blend" does not contain enough of the individual chemicals to be effective at a nootropic level. For this reason it's important to do your own due diligence and research these supplements (reading reviews is a great place to start).

Nootropic Stacks

A nootropic stack can be produced by a supplement company or made manually by the consumer. It is a combination of individual nootropic substances at known quantities.

A good example of a "nootropic stack" (albeit a small stack) is one of the most popular nootropic combinations out there: L-theanine and Caffeine. This combo has been shown to increase mental alertness, focus, and motivation while maintaining a profound sense of calm — i.e. without increasing anxiety or making the person jittery. It is one of the most widely-used nootropic stacks. (A great L-theanine + caffeine supplement can be found on Amazon.)

Individual Nootropic Substances

At the root of every nootropic, whether a blend or a manual stack, are the individual substances that elicit the nootropic effects. They can be naturally occuring substances or made synthetically in a lab.

One of the most popular types of nootropic substances are racetams. The mechanisms of racetams aren't well understood, but they are widely accepted as having nootropic effects, such as increased memory, focus, and motivation, among other cognitive benefits.

Final Thoughts

While the limitless pill as it is known in the movie is purely a work of fiction, other smart drugs exist called nootropics that can give your brain a boost and improve cognitive function by way of increased memory, focus, creativity, and motivation. It's important to perform due diligence before trying any substance, and preferably talking to your doctor beforehand.

Nootropics are an exciting new world. Start your nootropic journey today to unlock your limitless potential.

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