Mohamed A. Zohdy
Electrical and Systems Engineering 	
148 DHE
Oakland University
Rochester, MI 48309

Phone: 248-370-2234
Fax:   248-370-4633

    University of Cairo		B.A.Sc Elect. Eng. (1st Honors)
    University of Waterloo	M.A.Sc Elect. Eng.
    University of Waterloo	Ph.D. Elect. Eng. (Medal)

Honors and Awards
    Professional Engineer in charge of foreign Science Degree accreditation.
    Eligible for Fellow IEEE, and SCS.
    Active in ekn society, sigma si society.
    Co editor and conference chair ACC.
    Distinguished Counselor.
    Awarded millenium medal from IEEE.

    SYS520   Signal and Linear Systems Analysis
    SYS630   Optimal Control Theory
    SYS431   Automatic Control Systems
    HC207    Honors College course on Information Theory

Lab Experiments
    SYS630   Robust optimal control firmware
    SYS431   QFT Matlab-based Helicopter/Blimp controllers
    SYS520   Physical system Chaos demonstration

Related Publications
  • M Zohdy, S Elashhab, "Balanced model reduction for Fuel Cell Control", ARC research conference, Ann Arbor, MI Apr 05.
  • M Zohdy, M Karam, "Modeling inverted pendulum using model-based RDNN", Proc. SE symposioum system thory, Tuskegee, A1, Mar 05.
  • L Woods, M Zohdy, "Dynamics of a Piecewise linearized circuit" ,Proc. SE symposium system thory, Tuskegee, A1, Mar 05.
  • H Richardson, L Macklem, M Zohdy, "Novel hybrid neural nets in-silico metabolic modeling", IAsted conference Proc., Artificial Intelligence, Innsbrock, Austria, Feb 05.
  • N Honold, M Zohdy, J Zeilstra, "Mathematical Computer model for Rhodobacter Spheroides", American Society MicroBiology, Convention , Montreal, Canada, Jun 04.
  • M Zohdy, F Caliskan, "Robust quadratic stabilization of continuous and discrete observrs", ISA Transactions, V42,N3,2003.
  • A Zaher, M Zohdy, F Areed, "Convergent nonlinear control for uncertain processes", ACC Proceedings, Denver, CO, 2003.
  • M Karam, M ohdy, HS Abdel-aty-Zohdy, "A modualar recurrent dynamic neural net for robust optimal control", Control and Intelligent Sys, V31,N3,2003.
  • M Zohdy, A Harb, "Chaos and Bifurcation nonlinear recursive controller", Nonlinear analysis,V7,N2,2003.
  • A Haub, A Zaher, M Zohdy, "Robust estimation-based control of Duffing oscillators", Acceped Int. J. Vibratinos,2002.
  • Bucak, M Zohdy, "Reinforcement learning of nonlinear multi-link system", Enginering applications of artificial intelligence, 14,563-573,2001.
  • M Zohdy, Fcaliskan, "Design of robust discrete systems with cruadratic stability", ISA transaction, 39,401-406,2000.
  • M Zohdy, I Bucak, "Reinforcement learning of a Biped", Int. J. Intelligent Control, 3,601-617,1999.
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  • I M Karam, M Zohdy, H Abdel-Aty-Zohdy, "Neurocomputing J." ,17,77-97,1998.

Research Papers
  • M. Zohdy, M. Karam, H. Abdelaty-Zohdy, "A Recurrent Dynamic Neural Net for Noisy Signal Representation," 17, pp. 77-97, NeuroComputing Journal.
  • M. Karam, M.A. Zohdy, H. Abdelaty-Zohdy, "Robust Recurrent Dynamic Neural Network for Solving Linear and Nonlinear signal representation problems," accepted and is in press, International Journal of System Science.
  • Ihsan Bucak, M.A. Zohdy, "Application of Reinforcement learning to dexterous robot control," Proc. ACC, pp. 1405-1410, 1998.
  • Scott Christensan, M.A. Zohdy, "Analysis of chaotical physical systems and an algorithm for control," Proc. ACC, pp. 1894-1899, 1998.
  • H. Abdelaty-Zohdy, M.A. Zohdy, "Self organizing feature maps," accepted for publication in encyclopedia of electrical and electronics engineering, John Wiley.
  • M. Karam, M.A. Zohdy, H. Abdelaty-Zohdy, "Computational Results on Recurrent Dynamic Neural Network for signal analysis," Proc. MWSCS, Aug. 1997.
  • R. Kassab, M.A. Zohdy, "Estimation of end-effector parameters in real-time obstacle avoidance for 3-link robot," presented at 18th IFIP TC7 conf. System modeling and optimization, Detroit, 1997.

Articles Submitted
  • M. Karam, M.A. Zohdy, "Compensation of global feedback linearization control using neural networks," submitted to IEEE Journal Control Technology.
  • M. Karam, M. Zohdy, "A Modular dynamic neural net for robust optimal controller design," submitted to Int. J. Control.
  • M. Zohdy, G. Sabanski, "Prediction of noisy signal using Gram-Schmidt Scheme," submitted to IEE Proceedings.

Some of the Papers Reviewed
  • "Nonlinear H-infinity Variable Structure Control," for IEEE Control Systems
  • "Robust intelligent control of manipulators," for Intelligent Automation Journal.
  • "Robust adaptive control for roving vehicles," for International J. Systems Science.

Research Proposals
  • PI, "Total Quality and Production Control for Metallic Industry," Funded, $100,000, FRCU/USAID.
  • PI, "Fuzzy logic control system," gift in-kind, $21,485, Omron.
  • Co-PI, "SMV for Physical System Modeling," Pending $90,000, NSF.
  • Co-Investigator, "Math., Science, and Engineering local Alliances," Funded, $76,000, Eisenhower Fund., State of Michigan.

Professional Position
  • Tech. Editor, Simulation Journal
  • Review Chair, ACC 1998
  • Advisory Committee, State of Michigan Board of Professional Engineers
  • FAMS Project, Ford. Automation Project, Chrysler
  • EEE US Board, Student Mentor

Professional Service
  • IEEE SEM Director Students Activities- high activity
  • IEEE OU Branch Counselor- high activity
  • Aerial Robotic Competition- moderate activity
  • ESE UGCC, SECS UGCC- moderate activity
  • MSSI NSF term- moderate activity
  • King/Chavez/Parks and McCree Programs- moderate activity
  • SME/ESD Future City Competition- high activity

Recent Professional Meetings
  • IEEE SEM Meeting, Dearborn Mi, Apr. 1998.
  • IEEE SEM Meeting, Warren MI, Oct. 1997.
  • MSSI Conf., East Lansing MI, Feb. 1998.
  • ACC Conf., Philadelphia, Penn, Jun. 1998.

Recent Collborators
  • F. Caliskan (Istambul Tech.)
  • A. Harb (Jordan University)
  • M. Kamel (Waterloo)
  • S. Fadali (University Nevada)
  • F. Shillor (Oakland University)
  • I. Bucak (Ford)
  • M. Karam (Tuskegee University)
  • R. Kasab (Indicon)

Recent Seminars Presented
  • "MultiMedia in Science and Engineering with Dynamic Simulation," MSSI Conf. Sponsored by NSF, East Lansing, MI Feb. 1998.
  • "Wavelets Analysis and Nonlinear Physical Applications," Distinguished Seminar, Cairo University, Dec. 1997.
  • "Multidimensional Computation with Wavelets and Applications," University of Mansoura, Egypt, Dec. 1997.

Graduate Students
    Ph.D. Aftab Khan 
    Ph.D. Raad Kasaab
    Ph.D. Ihsan Bucak
    Ph.D. Marc Karam 
    Ph.D. Jon Awbrey
    Ph.D. Al Kotwici
    M.Sc  Judy Williquette 

Recent Student Projects
    SYS 690 J. O' Connor    Digital Control of Magnetic Suspension
    SYS 690 R. Tubs    	    Optimal Fuzzy control applied to overhead crane
    SYS 490 S. Ivanovic     QFT Controller for Truck Transmission
    SYS 490 E. Ruegsegger   Implementation of QFT Robust Control

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