EGR 280 - Introduction to Mechanics


ClassTopicsLecture Notes (ppt)Problem Set (doc)Homework
1Introduction to Mechanics: a little history, units, calculations, forces, free-body diagrams, static equilibrium of particlesNotesProblems
2Principle of transmissibility, moments, equivalent systems of forcesNotesProblems
3Reactions at supports and connections, free-body diagrams, static equilibrium of rigid bodiesNotesProblems
4Two-dimensional trussesNotesProblems
5Frames and machinesNotesProblems
6Stress, strain, material properties, deformationNotesProblems
7Friction, wedges, belt frictionNotesProblems
8Kinematics of particles: displacement, velocity, acceleration in rectangular coordinates, uniform and uniformly accelerated motionNotesProblems
9Kinematics of particles: normal and tangential componentsNotesProblems
10Relative motion of particlesNotesProblems
11Newton's Second Law for particles, linear momentum, angular momentumNotesProblems
12Work and energy for particles, potential and kinetic energy, conservation of energy, powerNotesProblems
13Impulse and momentum for particles, conservation of momentumNotesProblems
14Kinematics of rigid bodiesNotesProblems
15Mass moments of inertia using composite bodies, parallel-axis theoremNotesProblems
16Newton's Second Law for planar rigid bodies, linear and angular momentumNotesProblems
17Work and energy for planar rigid bodies, fixed-point rotation, powerNotesProblems
18Impulse and momentum for planar rigid bodies, eccentric impactNotesProblems

Laboratory exercises:

  1. Print, read and perform the MATLAB exercises in Dr. Haskell's three-part review of vector algebra. Print out a listing of your MATLAB code with your name as a comment at the beginning. Have your lab instructor sign your printout and hand in the listing.
    1. Addition and Subtraction of Vectors (pdf)
    2. Scalar or Dot Product (pdf)
    3. Vector or Cross Product (pdf)
  2. Method of Joints using MATLAB (doc)
  3. Digital Scale Lab (doc)
  4. Static Friction Lab (doc)
  5. Numerical Intergration of Acceleration (doc)
  6. Read from accelerometer, send data to MATLAB

Ethics Readings

Project and Presentation Resources and Information: