I have developed a number of research software which might interest you. I will make them available when I have time. GDDLP is a Generic Declarative Debugger for Logic Programs. The theory behind the software can be found in A Generic Declarative Diagnoser for Normal Logic Programs. Starting with a bug symptom, DDLP first builds up an execution tree for the bug symptom and then searches the execution tree for a bug. The current (initial) distribution supports a number of searching strategies: top-down, bottom-up and divide-and-conquer for both wrong and missing answers. LPANE is a Logic Program Analysis Engine. It performs program analysis by abstract interpretation. The engine infers an invariant for each program point that is satisfied by all possible program states whenever the execution reaches that program point. LPANE implements an abstract interpretation framework described by in my Ph.D. thesis Abstract Interpretation, Bug Detection and Bug Diagnosis in Normal Logic Programs. The framework is parameterised by an abstract domain and a number of operations on the abstract domain. The current (initial) distribution contains LPANE, distributive regular type analysis, regular type analysis and pair sharing analysis.