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Windows 10 VPN Notes

Can't reach a server? Can you ping it? If so...

Adding DNS Entries to Your HOSTS File

  1. Download the "addDnsToHostFile.exe" file from the SECS webserver.
This file is created by the Computer Technology Office and is safe to run. It simply runs a command to write entries to you HOSTS file. Please contact the CTO if you feel uncomfortable with running the application.
  1. Navigate to the newly downloaded file and right click on it. Select "Run as administrator."


  1. A prompt may be displayed asking if you wish to run the application. Select "Yes."


  1. Once the application finishes running, you will see a console window explaining that the job has finished. If you see many messages of "Access Denied" in the window, you may have not run the application as administrator.


  1. You have successfully completed the DNS fix.

To reverse this at anytime, navigate to and with notepad run as administrator, open the file "hosts." Near the bottem you should see several entries with names relating to SECS and Oakland. Remove the lines containing them and save the file. You have now reversed the fix.